Fantastic February!

At Venturi Healthcare, it is important to us that we recognise and celebrate all different cultures and beliefs, as such this year Byron Court Care Home welcomed in the Chinese New Year in style!

The catering team cooked up a storm and the Residents were able to bring in the New Year with Chinese treats for lunch, there were compliments all round for the chefs for their exemplary efforts. The dining room was decorated with lanterns by the Activity Team with the help of the Residents and everyone had meaningful conversations learning some interesting facts about the Chinese New Year.

Following the bleak weather from the winter months, we thought we would bring a little bit of sunshine to the home with an indoor beach party. The dining room was decorated with palm trees and flags from all the exotic countries from around the world. The Residents played games and talked about their travels from past times. Their was a beach bar set up for those who fancied a little tipple in the sun!

So far February has been an exciting month for the Residents of Byron Court and we are all looking forward to what is planned next!


Arts and Crafts Galore – January 2019

2019 for the Residents of Byron Court Care Home has been jammed packed with in house activities and adventures to points of interest in the local area already! We kicked started the year with the hugely successful visit from the local Brownies that was organised by the Activity Team, Residents thoroughly enjoyed the day. They started off with arts and crafts and the Brownie team spent some quality time with the Residents engaging to conversation about their Christmas festivities.

Frank McGuinness, Director said:

The Activity Team at Byron Court are constantly thinking of innovative ideas to engage with the local community in Bootle. It is an excellent way to ensure each day is different for those living with us at the home, they can have meaningful conversations and engage in a variety of activities. I am very proud of the work the Activity Team complete to ensure our Residents live a fulfilled life.

Later in the month, Residents hopped on to the OOMPH! minibus and chose to visit the local arcades to try and win big! Some Residents focused their attention on winning toys for their loved ones, whilst others couldn’t tear themselves way from the 2 pence machines.

Venturi Healthcare have their own minibus so Residents are able to go on day trips on a regular basis. We also partner with OOMPH! Wellness and Out and About who organise two trips per month of the Residents choosing. The feedback has been magnificent and we are really pleased we have signed up with OOMPH for another fun filled year!


Jingle Bells! Christmas at Byron Court

The Season’s festivities ran throughout the whole of December at Byron Court Care Home, the highlight of the festive period was the Christmas Party!

We had a number of relatives attend the Christmas Party with their loved ones which made the day even more special.  The ladies enjoyed dressing up, putting on their make up and hair accessories and the gents donned their Christmas hats ready for a dance and sing-a-long. A singer attended the home and spread the Christmas cheer, singing Christmas carols and songs from the very best festive musicals. Father Christmas even managed to visit to give the residents younger family members and early Christmas treat!

The party ensured everyone was merry and in the festive spirit ready for the big day!



Giants visit Liverpool – 2018

Thousands of people packed the streets of Liverpool to watch The Giants parade the city for the forth and final time this weekend and Residents from Byron Court and Mother Redcaps were no different.

The amazing spectacle was arranged by a French Arts Company – Royal de Luxe, the Residents and staff team felt privileged to be able to watch these truly remarkable puppets roam the streets of their home town, Liverpool.

Part of the joy for us is the look on the Residents faces when these awe-inspiring Giants walk by, the event was engaging for everyone who attended and created an opportunity for new conversations to take place. As two of the local homes within the Venturi Healthcare Group attended, it encouraged new friendships between staff and residents alike.


Byron Court – The Care Awards

Venturi Health Care Group recognise the importance of celebrating excellence within care, we want to ensure the extraordinary lengths our staff team go to within each of our homes is acknowledged and rewarded.

As such, the company has recently rolled out a new initiative, the “Annual Care Awards” which recognises individuals who go to extraordinary lengths to deliver our Care Values, ensuring Residents receive responsive, nurturing care from committed genuine individuals. The Care Awards are inclusive and celebrate the hard work of employees across all departments within our service.

Residents, staff and visitors of Byron Court Care Home have been nominating those who they believe should be awarded the 2018 Care Award and the winner was Helen – Housekeeping Supervisor.

Helen, received a number of lovely comments from those who nominated her,

“I nominate Helen as she always shows how much she cares for the residents.  Nothing is too much trouble, she can put her hand to any task whether it be care, domestic, kitchen or laundry.  Helen has worked as a carer on the night shift a few times and has displayed how she has great empathy and understanding for our residents.  Helen will always help out in any department.”

“Helen is a devoted worker, no matter what position she may be doing on that day, she is always willing.  Helen, more than deserves the award.”

“In my opinion I think Helen Patterson is an outstanding member of the team.  She goes above and beyond for everyone, staff, residents and relatives.  There is nothing that Helen can’t and won’t do.  Helen speaks to the residents and staff with understanding and compassion and she goes out of her way to help anyone.”


Ian Randles, Director of Nursing Services said:

“Helen is a committed, loyal and hardworking team member, she is willing to support her team and Residents in anyway possible and this award is truly deserved. Congratulations to Helen! I am already looking forward to the next awards ceremony as I believe this is an excellent way to recognise those that go the extra mile “



Building Community Links

Byron Court Care Home, Liverpool has recently been focusing on creating links within the local community, these relationships have numerous benefits for those living within a care setting. Unfortunately, at times it is easy for Residents to become insular when then first move in to a care environment, developing these community links is an excellent way to involve everyone, introduce people to new faces and different ideas. There are two ways to build these relationships, either ‘bringing the outside, in’ by inviting visitors to the home or Residents going out to the local community, at Byron Court promote both of these.

The Activity Coordinator from Byron Court has been working hard to build relationships with the local Church and community groups such as, the Brownies. During the last visit from the Brownies, the team and Residents enjoyed taking part in a craft day making animal face masks. It was a stimulating activity which enables both parties to socialise with a different group of people than they normally would in their day to day lives.  It was a lovely afternoon, full of chit chat and laughter and due to everyone enjoying the day these visits have now become a monthly occurrence.

The staff at Byron Court have also worked hard to develop a relationship with the local Church. The lovely choir now attend the home on a monthly basis to entertain the Residents with a number of songs which they can also get involved with and have a sing-a-long too.

A lot of preparation and time goes in to organising these events and we are grateful to both parties who attend and spend quality time with the Residents.


The Two Penny Winners at Southport Pier

Residents of Byron Court have regular day trips out to venues or events of their choosing and the consensus for the most recent day was a trip to Southport Pier!

A number of Residents hopped on to the OOMPH minibus in May 2018 and set off on their way clutching their bags of 50, 20 and 2 pence coins ready to win big on the arcade machines. It was a lovely day to see the Residents enjoying the glorious sunshine at the pier, interacting with different people and having conversations about past times. As it was such a lovely day we were able to see the views of the neighboring town Blackpool!

We had two Residents in particular that took a shine to the two pence machines, hoping they would win a pretty penny or two!




Twinkle House Sensory

Sensory rooms have been found to play an important role in memory care and offer individuals a safe place for them to learn, enjoy and explore their new surroundings. Twinkle House, Liverpool have a magnificent sensory room which two of the residents from Byron Court got to enjoy on a recent visit.

There are various sensory rooms which offer an environment which can stimulate a persons senses, whether that be by encouraging complete relaxation or interaction with others it! The residents and two staff members went in to the “Dark Room”, different lights and colours were used to engage the residents whilst they explored the new environment. The day was loved so much, that we have already received a request for another visit in the coming months!

Sensory techniques can be found in all locations and we recently got to visit the local garden centre as part of the recent gardening club development! The residents picked out their favourite flowers, taking in all the delightful fresh smells they had to offer. This too stimulates conversations and engages the residents.



Season Greetings from Byron Court!

The Season’s festivities ran throughout the whole of December at Byron Court Care Home, the highlight of the festive period was the Christmas Bingo! The generosity received for the bingo was overwhelming and we would like to extend our thanks to the families, staff and the local community for their donations. The day was such a success and is still talked about in the home with fondness amongst the residents! We managed to raise £500 on the day that will go towards the Residents Funds, we will shortly hold a residents meeting for them to decide what they would like to spend this money on.


Derek, is a talented singer who visits Byron Court on a regular basis to entertain the residents with a few of their favourite tunes and he really went to town for the Christmas Party! Families and friends came to spend the day with the residents, there was laughter and cheer surrounding the home and it was a really special day for everyone involved.

A few residents donned their best frocks and suits for a trip to the Empire Theatre for the Christmas Pantomine in December, it was very much loved by all and as such we have already arranged another trip in late February to see Rat Pack.

Thank you to all the staff within Byron Court who went that extra mile to ensure the residents had a truly magical Christmas in 2017!





OOMPH! Active Sessions

Residents within Byron Court Care Home, Liverpool have shown a real interest in the Active OOMPH Sessions since they were introduced by our Activities Coordinator, Curtis.

The sessions are designed to provide a stimulating environment for residents, by keeping them active, focusing on both their mental and physical well being. The sessions encourage the residents to perform chair exercises whilst they partake in fun games as a team. Sometimes exercise routines may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, they all seem to love the chair games provided which ultimately have the same positive outcomes. As you can see from the pictures below, many of our residents choose to get involved!

For those who have a love for film and prefer a more peaceful environment, films both old and new are played in another of our lounges. A number of our residents try to compete with Vincent Van Gogh in Byron Courts very own Arts Club! They love to pick up a pack of paint brushes or pencils and draw away with some soothing music on in the back ground. Their pictures are now displayed on Byron’s Art Wall for everyone to come and see.

Our aim at Byron Court is to ensure that everyone who lives with us is able to join in to an activity they enjoy. Before coming to live at Byron Court, each resident had their own hobbies and interests and we want to ensure they are able to continue with these interests, as such we are always seeking recommendations for the next activity!