A World of Films

Byron Court Care Home, Bootle provides care for individuals who have varying levels of Dementia, as such the Activity Coordinator is constantly seeking innovative ways to ensure they have a stimulating and loving environment.

Research suggests older people have an increased sense of isolation and this is further compounded by people living with Dementia due to a loss in confidence. Dementia friendly film screenings enable people to socialise with other individuals from diverse back grounds. The lighting in the screening is a little brighter and the sounds slightly lower to make sure everyone feels comfortable in their surroundings. As such, the Activity Coordinator has been putting together plans for the home to have its own cinema facilities which are now complete!

The residents can enjoy any film of their choosing in the cinema whilst tucking in to some pop corn form our very own popcorn machine. The viewings are thoroughly enjoyed and encourages residents to reminisce about past times and their favourite films.   Events like these create a sociable and welcoming environment, they encourage chatter and the chance to elicit and revisit fond memories during restful entertainment.

Byron Court, Activity Coordinator – Curtis, said:

“The Cinema is proving particularly popular as it is something all residents can enjoy no matter their mobility, we have a popcorn machine with buckets and snacks too just to make it that little more authentic!”