Knights of St Columbus Charity Donate to Byron Court

Byron Court Care Home couldn’t quite believe their luck when they recently received a second donation from the Knights of St Columbus Charity to the sum of £500 in May 2017. The charity has been extremely generous towards Byron Court over the past 12months and we cannot extend our thanks enough to this wonderful organisation.

The residents within the home are going to have a meeting in the coming weeks to decide how they would like to spend this lovely treat, it maybe on spent on some in house activity apparatus or an outdoor event for everyone to enjoy.

Both Byron Court and Venturi Health Care Group would like to extend a special thanks to the Knights of St Columbus Charity for this spectacular donation that will make a real difference to the lives of the residents.

Ian Randles, Director of Nursing Services said:

“Knights of St Columbus have been extremely generous to Byron Court and those living with us over the past year and it is heart warming to see the difference these donations make for the residents. I am looking forward to see what they decide to spend this donation on and cannot thank the charity enough.”